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Belt conveyor

Food sector

Belt conveyors of our production can be equipped with distributor groups for both liquid and solid substances with different characteristics and uses.

The machine, available in different models, is able to carry one to three accessories in a row with the corresponding number of belts and collection tubs; in case of liquids, it is possible, through a film pump, to restart a continuous cycle.

All machine components are made of stainless steel, (belts' nets included), except for transmission components that are made of plastic polymers certified for the food industry.

The standard 710 model has belts 710 mm wide, with two tubs; however, we can create machines with one to three tubs and with belts 710 or 900 mm wide.




When removing belts for washing, unhooking is not required; just lift them using the appropriate handles and pull them out. After washing, simply put them back in their seat and they will be ready for use.


Operating scope• Design
• Construction
• Testing



Material 304 Stainless steel, Plastic Materials
Stands 4 rotating wheels with brake
Structure weight 150 Kg
Speed Belt feed speed electrically adjustable through a potentiometer from 2 to 8 metres per minute


Belt conveyorBelt conveyor

Belt conveyor

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