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Continuous leather desalter

Leather sector

Leather salting for conservation purposes is certainly the cheapest and most common procedure in the raw leather business.

But this procedure has as a consequence too high a concentration of chloride residues in process water.
In order to eliminate or at least reduce the concentration of chloride residues to acceptable levels, different techniques have been experimented. The most advantageous one, both from a financial and a production point of view, is the mechanical separation of salt at the beginning of the process cycle.

In this application, Officine Bernardini was the first in the branch of tanning machines to design, create, patent and sell the continuous desalter for raw leather, becoming market leader over the years with more than 150 machines installed all over Europe.


How it works

The operation of this machine is as easy as it is effective:

• The leather is loaded on the loading hopper, generally using a “spider” or a conveyor belt;
• They slide down into the rotating basket that, being provided with a series of spiral-positioned pegs, allows the leather to unfold first, and then turn over several times until salt and other impurities are released.
• At the end of the cycle the leather comes out of the basket from the opposite side, falling into a collection tub, if any, or onto conveyor belts, while salt and other impure elements are directed into a tub or directly in a salt sieve (provided upon request) placed under the basket.


Advantages and applications

One of the basic advantages of the continuous desalter compared to other methods is that while a load of leather moves towards the basket, it is possible to start another load and so forth continuously.


Not only separation of salt: several companies, driven by continuous reduction in operating margins and the relentless rise in labour costs, have expanded the use of the desalter to other complementary applications.
For instance, it is used to verify the quantity of salt applied on raw leather by suppliers; it allows automation to be arranged vertically, by inserting loading/unloading conveyor belts with scales in line, directly and automatically feeding the loading lines of the drums; in other cases, the desalter is used to separate and unfold fresh leather, a procedure that would otherwise be difficult and expensive.



Technical characteristics

Productivity 7000 kg/h
Structure Hot dip galvanized steel
Materials Basket, slides and parts in contact with salt or leather are in hot dip galvanized steel and 304 stainless steel
Motor 15 kw
Weight 4000 kg
Dimensions (WxDxH)

Operating size 7.5x3.0x4.5 m

Speed and start up

• Start up and stop moderated by hydraulic clutch
• Speed adjustment of leather feed



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Continuous leather desalter

Continuous leather desalter

Continuous leather desalter

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